Here’s When I Met Jesus

Two years prior, I helped two friends abort their pregnancies


California leads the nation in elective abortions; our lead is far in excess of our share of the national population. Our legislature recently adopted a law permitting even non-physicians to abort pregnancies, despite the fact I could not abort my dog unless I have a doctor of veterinary medicine perform the procedure. In each case, we are doing – as I did – what seems the only realistic option in the face of emergency. But we are so committed to aborting all unwanted pregnancies that we forget Ludwig Von Beethoven was an unwanted pregnancy; we forget God knows more about what is both best and most realistic than we do. And we forget substitution of our best, for His is key to many sins.

Shedding innocent blood is sin that – when it becomes a social pattern – pollutes the land and atmosphere under and over wherever it is welcomed. California taxpayers fund thirty thousand abortions yearly – on top of the multiple thousands paid for by the panicky parents seeking them. It always seems like the only way out of a bad situation, until we consider the overwhelming medical odds against any one pregnancy resulting in a live birth. The truth is that there is simply no way a pregnancy comes to term without the intervention of a loving God; if one were truly unplanned, it would self-abort. With the large numbers of couples desperately seeking to adopt, there is no way a woman must be saddled with raising a child she does not want. When we choose to bail out on a baby, we are shedding innocent blood and spitting in God’s eye at the same time. But what should we do?

The first thing is to adopt the 40 Days for Life approach. Bless and do not curse those with whom we disagree. The second is to repent of our role in creating a culture where dealing death is so easily rationalized. The silence of pastors, leaders, and everyone else is the reason it flourishes. And last is to commit to a lifestyle in which we sacrifice ourselves for others – as Jesus did and does – instead of expecting others, whether unborn children or the driver one lane over, to sacrifice for us.

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