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Western land policy isn’t an issue that is sexy enough to get any attention among Presidents and Presidential candidates of either party–unless the party faithful in these swing states make it very clear that the votes will swing the opposite way absent a clear policy prior to a voting commitment.

Or, put another way, if a Presidential candidate knows that there is no chance Nevada will vote for him or her at a caucus, and that there is no way the state will break for him or her in a tight general election, then a potential Secretary of the Interior or Agriculture becomes a real issue.

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Absent that, those two positions are afterthoughts; and that is why the BLM and the Forest Service have become so inbred with granola munching food haters.

Think I’m kidding?

Check out the prices of basic foods like beef and milk at your local grocery store and the production levels in the West as opposed to what they could be, remembering that the bigger the supply, the lower the cost. Nevada’s inventory of cattle and calves is about 455,000 head, according to the Nevada Department of Agriculture. That’s down from a historical high of 700,000 in 1982. That’s about 35% less beef being produced.

And one more thing.

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If there is no clear Presidential policy saying that agriculture beats, say, nothing as a land use, then morons like Harry Reid—who gets his food from either the Senate Dining Room or the restaurants in the Ritz-Carlton in Washington DC where he lives in a million dollar condo—get to make policy. And Harry favors the protection of the desert tortoise, as opposed to the protection of our food supply.

It’s really very simple.

Do you want faceless Federal bureaucrats to be able to shut off your food supply? Do you understand that your food does not come from 7-11 or WalMart?

If you don’t want your food supply to be at the mercy of the Federal Government, then policies of the Federal Government need to be changed.

You start that by telling the state legislature that you want the Federal Government control over the land of Nevada ended. Or we can find a new state legislature. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue in Nevada. They all like to eat, regardless of party affiliation.

You then make it clear to your congressional representatives that their further representation of us depends on their getting something done. Even Dina Titus and Steven Horseford. Last time I checked, both of them like to eat.

And then, you make it clear to any Presidential candidate of either party that ending BLM and Forest Service hegemony over Nevada is a condition of getting our votes.

Or you could let Cliven Bundy do all the work.

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