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Here are a few races we can’t let slip through our fingers


Mitt Romney is doing well, but now we have to help give him a solid conservative Congress.

This comes from Real Clear Politics and/or Rasmussen.

Karen Harrington can beat Debbie Wasserman Schultz and help us get rid of her. The last Poll showed 16 points of undecided and DWS under 45%. Obama won the district 63/36, and DWS beat Harrington 60/39. For the first time ever, DWS is running TV spots.

Todd Akin and Claire McCaskill: Akin’s earlier problems (of his own making) are well known; yet despite being buried in a 7 to 1 money blitz, Akin is at -2.3 with Romney pulling a strong double digit 10.3 lead which ought to pull Akin over, especially since McCaskill is under 46%. And her husband’s caught on tape scandal doesn’t help.  

In Florida, RCP has Democrat Bill Nelson leading Connie Mack by +6.7. But almost all signs point to Obama losing Florida by at least 7 points. Rasmussen shows Nelson’s lead at 5 with 8 undecided: Nelson under 48%. 

In Montana, RCP has Republican Dennie Rehberg +.3% but Romney leading by 9.3%. It’s not likely that Romney will lose Montana and quite likely that he can help pull Rehberg to victory.

RCP for Pennsylvania shows Democrat Bob Casey leading by 5.3% and Obama leading with 5.0%. Pennsylvania will see both Tom Smith (Casey’s Republican challenger) and Mitt Romney helping each other. A recent poll that has not made the RCP average has Romney +4 – 49/45.

In Virginia, RCP has Democrat Tim Kaine leading George Allen by 2.2%. But Rasmussen has Kaine up just 1 point. Help Allen take this seat.

In Wisconsin, RCP has Obama winning with a 2.8% lead and Democrat Tammy Baldwin ahead of Republican Tommy Thompson by 2.4%. The latest numbers show Thompson with a 1 point lead. Baldwin was caught taking $60k from a terror-connected group – she admitted it but won’t give the money back.

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