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Hawaiian Governor: I’ll Stop the Birthers


Barack Obama and Hawaiian Governor Neil Abercrombie get lei'd

Democrat Neil Abercrombie “served” Hawaii in Congress for decades. During that time, he claims to have known Barack Obama as a young child, as well as his parents the elder Barack Obama and his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. (No word whether he also knew Frank Marshall Davis, the socialist radical whom Dunham’s Hawaiian grandparents turned into a father figure for young Barry.) As Trevor Loudon has pointed out, he and Barack Obama share political views too far Left to be revealed to the public, an experience that bonded them. Now as Hawaii’s new governor, Abercrombie promises to stop all these embarrassing inquiries into Obama’s background. Michael A. Memoli writes in The Seattle Times:

Frustrated by what he sees as a never-ending campaign to undermine President Obama, Hawaii’s new governor says he plans to use his post to counter conspiracy theorists who continue to claim the president was not born in the United States.

Neil Abercrombie, a Democrat who took office Dec. 6, has known Obama since the president was growing up in Hawaii. Abercrombie knew Obama’s father, also named Barack, and mother, Stanley Ann Dunham.

That long-standing relationship is a major reason Abercrombie, 72, takes umbrage at the persistent effort by Obama’s most ardent foes to assert he was born in Kenya, which, if true, would constitutionally bar him from holding the office of president.

“Now that I’m governor, I’m going to do something about that,” Abercrombie vowed during an interview in his office….

You can read more of Abercrombie’s interview here. Regardless of one’s views of the “birther” question, his vow raises three interesting questions:

  1. Are Abercrombie’s promises to fight conspiracy theories a coordinated part of the White House’s broader attack on all opposition? After being recruited for the Harvard Law faculty by then-Dean Elena Kagan, Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein advocated the government employ people to “cognitively infiltrate” any organization disseminating conspiracy theories the government disfavors and undermine it from within. Rep. Darrell Issa’s House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform revealed in a 36-page report that the Justice Department hired former John Edwards campaign blogger Tracy Russo to comment on anti-Obama websites, sometimes using a pen name. Abercrombie’s words would fit into that narrative.
  2. What other parts of Obama’s history is Abercrombie covering up? And perhaps more importantly —
  3. What parts of Obama’s present are Abercrombie and other Democratic officials covering up?

This website will continue to let you know, whether Tracy Russo and others smear us or not.


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