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Has Obama Alienated His Black Church-Going Base?


When Barack Obama announced his support for gay “marriage”, it caused a predictable firestorm among black ministers. Coming immediately after the 32nd straight loss for Gay “marriage”, Obama’s announcement was transparently cynical and widely recognized as a politically desperate move. One group that was not pleased with the President was his black church-going base.

A number of African American ministers spoke out and condemned Obama’s support for gay “marriage” as a contradiction of the Bible they preach from every Sunday.

One such minister is Rev. Emmett Burns, a Baltimore area preacher who came out breathing fire over Obama’s announcement last Sunday. Burns said he would not support Obama in November and predicted his defeat.

Nevertheless, the next day, Burns, who is also an elected Democrat legislator, walked back from his condemnation and said he would continue to support Obama. He will now urge his congregation to forget what he said on Sunday and join him in supporting Obama. Surveys of black attitudes toward homosexuality say he won’t be entirely successful.

At a conference of influential Evangelical ministers last year, the theme was opposition to Mitt Romney because he is a Mormon, not a Christian, making him totally unacceptable as our next president in their view.  There was hell fire and brimstone bursting out of every speaker’s mouth.

Any observer would come away with the certainty that Evangelicals would work to sink Romney’s chances of getting the nomination, let alone being elected.

A recent poll shows that these Evangelical ministers are eating crow because by a margin of 73/20, rank-and-file Evangelical Christians are prepared to vote for Romney, the widest margin of support among any sizable voting bloc in the country.

Given the results of last week’s vote on North Carolina’s Amendment One (which found that black North Carolinians voted 2 to 1 to support traditional marriage) and African American opposition to gay “marriage” at 62/28, what chance do black ministers have of leading their flocks toward supporting the pro Sodomy Barack Obama?

Will a people who have been told that gay “marriage” contradicts the Bible listen to a minister who now contradicts the word of God? In the first test vote, blacks listened to God.

It is inconceivable that a significant number of blacks, who have little enthusiasm to vote to begin with, won’t turn away from Obama and toward God in November.

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