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Harry Reid SC

I never thought I would write these lines, especially one day after a blowout Republican election, but Harry Reid is right.

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In my opinion, Reid is one of the worst senators in D.C., and Sharron Angle is the Senate candidate I most regret not seeing elected last night. (Tom Tancredo was the top gubernatorial candidate.) Harry’s views, goals, and methods could hardly be more wrong. But he showed Tuesday night that he understood one salient fact every conservative should burn into his memory.

In his acceptance speech, Harry Reid said, “This race has been called, but the fight is far from over.” Then the former boxer fell back on an analogy that he knew well: “The bell that just rang isn’t the end of the fight; it’s the start of the next round.”

I wish conservatives knew this truth as well as Harry Reid does. In the elation following the greatest House shift since the 1930s, we must remember last night was one battle in a long and raging war to take back our movement, our party, and our country.

Yes, this midterm was so lopsided that Republicans won seats held by Democrats for 100 years. They toppled veteran Democratic leaders like House Armed Services Committee chairman Ike Skelton, the 17-term Congressman from Missouri, and the 14-term Democrat John Spratt of South Carolina. The number of Blue Dog Democrats has been cut in half, replaced with red state elephants. The Obama administration even failed in its efforts to buy the South Dakota House seat.

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Controlling the House of Representatives will allow conservatives to halt the some aspects of Obama’s revolution. Republicans can kill a number of the president’s worst proposals by seeing they never get out of committee, or burying them with resounding no votes on the House floor. Since all spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives, they can defund the left-wing gravy train of government grants that Democrats use to fund their political allies in the “private” sector. (Unfortunately, ACORN was only the tip of the iceberg.) And Congressman Darrell Issa now has the power and authority to undertake a wide-ranging series of investigations into Obama’s crimes.

But there is much work yet to be done.

Even if the entire Republican membership in the House hangs together on all these points without a single defection, it will represent at best a beginning to the restoration we must bring to our beloved Republic.

Some Republicans are eager to start “working together on the people’s priorities” with the one man most responsible for quashing the people’s wishes. If the GOP declares war on earmarks and defunds every grant that goes to radical left-wingers – a herculean housecleaning that would foment something akin to a political civil war on Capitol Hill – it would do nothing about the government’s massive overreach and intervention in the free market, its encroachment on our liberties, or the runaway spending hardwired into the system through our entitlement programs. Darrell Issa is already backing away from talk of impeachment. And Obama may be getting ready to rule by executive order beginning next year, allowing him to ignore Congress altogether.

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