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Harry Reid: American Senator or Treasonous Turncoat?


Who exactly is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid working for? According to numerous news stories, Reid has blocked an attempt by Republicans from closing a tax loop hole that gave away $4.2 BILLION of our hard earned tax money to illegal aliens! The scam is simple. Hispanics come into this country illegally, get themselves an Individual Tax Number from the IRS (because they can’t get a social security number without proper documentation), and then proceed to claim as many dependents as they want. This allows them to obtain some pretty hefty refunds from the United States Government for outright lying! They claim their children who are back in Mexico (or wherever), nieces, nephews, cousins, or whoever they can find or remember.

The IRS has had this situation brought to their attention, and their response, as reported on cable news and the internet, was something to the effect that “it’s Congress’s problem to fix.” Alright , then the Republicans offer a bill in the Senate that Harry Reid says he won’t bring to the floor for debate or a vote “because it is no big deal!” $4.2 BILLION of our money given to people who have no legal status in this country, and it’s no big deal? You, as American citizens, would be fined and probably thrown in jail if we tried to perpetrate such a scam, so why is our illustrious Senate Majority Leader blocking any attempt to fix this? Could it have something to do with the coming election?

Obama and his THUGOCRACY seem willing to do just about anything to win this election, so the question really becomes “what won’t they do?” Reid got re-elected because of the casino owners in Nevada. Maybe you should think of somewhere else to party for a year or two until these people holding this corrupt politician in power learn a lesson? Reid and his SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVE supporters don’t seem to care if they throw your money away as long as they can buy the votes they need to win. I have NEVER seen such corruption in my 60 yrs on this earth.

This political maneuver should just about break the patience of anyone paying attention to what is going on in this country. You don’t have to be a political junkie, but as a citizen of this great country, you should be angry that Reid and his minions are squandering your hard-earned tax money. Have we really no more higher priorities than giving away money to people who should not even be here? Do all our people have all the food, clothing, and shelter that they need to be comfortable? Our public schools are in shambles, and the teacher’s unions are screaming for more money. Why aren’t they screaming at Harry Reid for allowing such a waste of our financial resources?

Harry Reid’s office needs to be deluged with phones calls telling him to get off of his arrogant duff and start earning the money that the taxpayers are paying him. What in heaven’s name is this man and his progressive leadership doing to earn the $200,000 a year we are paying them? $4.2 BILLION is one hell of a mind boggling bribe! Do the Hispanics know that you’re going to do for them what you have done for every other minority group to date?……Absolutely NOTHING. Hope you don’t sleep well at night, Harry…….you don’t deserve it!

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