What is hard to understand about living within one’s means?


What happens when you overdraw your checking account at your bank or credit union? You pay a penalty (overdraft fee), and any other checks you wrote after that are all going to bounce. The result is a lot more wasted money on penalties and a lot of very upset people that you were supposed to have paid. Most people would then look at their BUDGET and find out where they have to CUT in order not to become overdrawn again, right? So why does our government, Obama, and his minions not understand that simple concept? You CANNOT spend more than you have coming in!

Just as a household has to look realistically at their own budget and find  as hard as it may be to do) things to cut out of their budget, so must the federal government. I keep hearing from Obama and the Democrats that we need a “balanced” approach to our financial problems. In other words, we have to raise taxes to match spending cuts. That’s kind of like bailing water out of a sinking canoe while your partner is scooping it back into the boat! We have a SPENDING problem people, not a revenue problem! We are paying for too many departments, agencies, and programs that are either totally useless or are simply investments of diminishing returns.

The Democrats mantra of “raise the taxes on the rich” is nothing more than the hollow cry of hypocrisy driven by class warfare from people who have no real solutions to the nation’s real problems. If all the wealthy in this country were taxed at 100%, it wouldn’t come close to bridging our deficit. We borrow 40 cents of every dollar than we spend now from RED CHINA! Friends, the Chinese are NOT our buddies! We are simply spending too much on empty promises from politicians who care more about getting re-elected than actually finding REAL solutions to this nation’s problems. Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid are in dire straights because of the actions of the politicians past and present and need to be reformed now if they are to survive.

Spending is the problem folks (we have a national debt of almost $16 TRILLION.) The interest just on that alone is putting everything in government in jeopardy, period! We need leadership that can cut the cost of doing business in this country. Cut regulations and red tape to make it easier for business, large and small, to do business in America. We need to encourage incentives for entrepreneurs to put their ideas and inventions to work, thereby creating JOBS, which in turn creates revenue, money, taxes, moola. The fuel that pays for government services! The Democratic Senate hasn’t produced a budget in over three years….ever wonder why? Maybe because if you can’t see the budget on paper, you won’t know or care how much they are spending wastefully.

We the American taxpayers need to put a stop to this waste of our hard-earned dollars. We need to stop this class warfare because when I was growing up, everyone I knew wanted to be rich and give their kids a better life. We knew we had to work to get anything that we wanted, not have it handed to us by the government. When you buy a car, are you happy when they give you a rebate? (Translation: you paid too much for the vehicle, so they throw you a couple of dollars to make you feel better!) Spending cuts are going to hurt, but we are adaptable people. We will go on stronger than before. This is the land of the free, NOT the land of the freeloader. We need to stop spending money that we do not have before we truly become a third world country? Can’t happen???? Look at Greece. Time to wake up, America.

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