Guide Directs Shoppers To More Faith-Friendly Companies


There’s another Christmas guide to consider in the upcoming shopping season.

This guide is from Faith Driven Consumer, an online community forum that provides information resources to help faith-driven consumers understand who they are doing business with at Christmas time. The guide is available for download in a PDF format.

Chris Stone, founder of the project, explains what it is all about.

“At Christmas time, when we’re spending $586 billion as a nation, it allows us as Christians to understand who we’re doing business with — those who are friendly to our faith and who respect and welcome our worldview and those who don’t — so that we can be good stewards of the resources that God has given us,” he says.

The guide separates companies into two categories: “Faith-Friendly” and “Needs Improvement.” Still, Stone stresses that all individuals are fallen — and all companies are made up of fallen people.

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