Group targeting Glenn Beck funded by Soros


An organization leading a crusade demanding Fox News fire host Glenn Beck is backed by philanthropist George Soros and is tied to many of the liberal activists that Beck routinely excoriates on his highly rated program, WND has learned.

Jewish Funds for Justice, or JFSJ, a charity that campaigns for social change, delivered a petition with 10,000 signatures to Fox News this past week in protest of a program in which Beck specifically targeted Soros, calling the businessman the “puppet master.” JFSJ deemed the show anti-Semitic.

During the program, Beck highlighted nine people of the 20th century who contributed to what he called “the era of the big lie.” All nine of those figures were Jewish, including psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, columnist Walter Lippman and Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania.

JFSJ is funded by Soros’ Open Society Institute.

In 2009, the Open Society provided a $150,000 grant to the JFSJ and its associated group, the Funder’s Collaborative on Youth Organizing.

In 2010, the Open Society provided a $200,000 grant to last a period of two years.

JFSJ says it is seeking to create a just, fair and compassionate America, with social and economic security for all citizens. The group believes that “by transforming leaders, we are better able to transform society” and “create a more just world.”

The group also promotes “green” jobs, immigration reform and was a champion of President Obama’s health-care bill.

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