Gregory Gives Schumer a Pass But Hammers Cornyn


A perfect example of liberal media bias occurred on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” when host David Gregory absolutely hammered Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) over what the Bush administration did in Afghanistan.

This occurred only a few moments after Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) made absurd comments about the current budget deficit without receiving any challenge whatsoever from Gregory.

Here’s what Schumer said that elicited no follow-up questions : We’re trying, in our healthcare bill, to have it paid for so it doesn’t raise the deficit a nickel. When they had the big Medicare increase, $400 billion, they didn’t even try to pay for it. We’re trying to pay. We’ve said we will pay for the war in Afghanistan. One trillion dollars, war in Iraq, they didn’t pay a nickel for it. The debt in January, when George Bush left, voted for by lock, stock and barrel with all the Republicans was much, much greater. Now Barack Obama and we Democrats, this is counterintuitive but true, are really trying to get a handle on balancing the budget and we’re making real efforts to do it. That’s why health care is more limited than people would want it to be. And we–they say, “Well, it’s not good enough.” Well, join us and help us. But you sure didn’t try to make it all good when you were in power.

Now, if Gregory was a real journalist, he could have taken this statement by Schumer apart.

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