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Great News on Obamacare!


The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that Obamacare is legal….as the BIGGEST tax increase in our history! Isn’t that great? Obamacare has also just thrown an addition $17 TRILLION dollars on our national debt. Even though Obama ADAMANTLY declared to Little George on ABC News for all the world to hear, that Obamacare “is not a tax”….he LIED! Every catagory of taxpayer within the next four years is about to find out how much “FREE” healthcare really costs. Abortions are now going to be legally funded with taxpayer dollars, even though we were told that laws were passed to prohibit such a practice. Businesses, including religious ones, now have to go against their own beliefs and provide birth control. Chief Justice John Roberts was apparently more concerned about how he and “his” court would look to future generations instead of looking at the case before him.

There was one slight hitch, though: the Federal government cannot withhold “Medicaid money” if the state refuses to add citizens to the rolls. Uh-Oh? Besides, does anyone realize what adding 15 MILLION more people to Medicare is going to do to that program? All of you elderly, disabled, and retired persons had better brace yourself because your benefits are about to take a nose dive. The number of doctors now taking Medicare is less than 50% of the total physicians available because of the low reimbursement rate from the feds.

Do Americans really believe that there is such a thing as a free lunch? Obama has just been handed another 17% of our economy to control; what are the voters of this country thinking? The Obama administration has removed over $700 BILLION from Social Security and Medicare so far with more to come. Two already-financially-compromised programs are going to be even further compromised right out of existence if this program is allowed to grow, and seniors are going to realize it when it’s too late to do anything about it! I believe that that’s what Obama is counting on.

How many lies, scandals, and blatant examples of disregarding our Constitution does this regime have to display before all Americans demand that they be held accountable? If the zombies out their voting for the Democrats this year can justify their vote, then God help us. We have two Independence Days coming, hopefully: July 4th and November 6th. May God give you the wisdom to see the light.

Photo Credit: Fresh Conservative (Creative Commons)

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