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In early March of 2011, the government culminated its con via Olson by attempting to place in Schaeffer’s hands an illegal weapon as approximately 100 armed federal agents surrounded him. Who knows what would have happened had the property owner not fortuitously walked up to the vehicle in which Schaeffer was and asked what was going on and why all those armed agents were on his property.

Schaeffer was nonetheless charged with low-level federal weapons violations; and he and several others were simultaneously charged in the Alaska State courts with numerous other charges, including a conspiracy to kill a judicial officer. In October of 2011, as his counsel in the State courts, I succeeded in having all the State charges dismissed.

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The government’s response was to up the ante in federal court, first adding more weapons charges and — when Schaeffer would not plead guilty to the added charges — then adding much more serious charges alleging purported plans to kill federal agents. All the charges were filed not in Fairbanks, where the events were alleged to have occurred and where people know the real Schaeffer Cox, but in Anchorage (350 miles away.) Schaeffer was forced to go to trial in Anchorage in May and June of 2012 and was convicted of not only weapons-possession charges, but also of a charge of conspiracy to murder an unknown and unnamed federal agent. In early 2013, Schaeffer was sentenced to serve 26 years.

Ordinarily, Schaeffer would have been sent to the federal facility near Portland, Oregon, where many if not most Alaskans serve federal time–and where Schaeffer’s wife Marti has family and would have moved with their two young children. Instead, the government shipped Schaeffer to its Communications Management Unit (CMU) in Marion, Illinois. At that CMU are housed numerous persons whom the government has branded as terrorists.

Schaeffer is presently in the midst of appealing his case. Unfortunately, he has been assigned a federally-appointed attorney, Suzanne Elliott of Seattle, who is not merely unsympathetic toward Schaeffer’s case, but openly hostile and antagonistic — an anti-gun, liberal elitist in charge of representing a salt-of-the-earth Second Amendment advocate. Despite Schaeffer’s repeated requests to Ms. Elliott to withdraw, she has refused to do so and has publicly announced her opinion that he is delusional and is even seeking to have Schaeffer’s appeal stayed while he is forced to undergo a psychiatric examination.

Schaeffer is in dire straits and is seeking financial support to hire me to represent him in his federal appeal. As an experienced appellate advocate who has set a number of important precedents in protecting constitutional rights, I believe we have a strong case.

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I have previously summarized Schaeffer’s case and its importance as follows: “As an experienced appellate attorney, I have every reason to believe that there will be a most positive outcome in Schaeffer Cox’s appeal — if the best issues are raised. From the work I did in assisting Schaeffer’s federal trial attorney with motions and jury instructions, I sincerely believe that there are serious issues commencing with the outrageous conduct of the government and its informants in threatening, intimidating, stealing from, and ultimately holding hostage an obviously-drained-and-exhausted Schaeffer in Fairbanks via a coercive ruse. I equally believe that there are issues with the way the jury was instructed as to the most-serious charges, allowing for Schaeffer to be convicted of a non-existent conspiracy, one that was a malicious figment of the government’s desire to punish a person who dared to speak up and point out the dangerous direction the U.S. is veering under an utter lack of responsible leadership.

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