Gov. Brewer: Eric Holder needs to be ‘held accountable’ for Operation Fast and Furious


Arizona Republican Gov. Jan Brewer told The Daily Caller that Attorney General Eric Holder bears responsibility for Operation Fast and Furious, and that he needs to be “held accountable” for it.

“Well, I certainly think that somebody needs to be held accountable, and obviously, with this Fast and Furious, the buck stops with him,” Brewer told TheDC in a phone interview. “And, I would be interested to get more information and testimony from him — that’s going to take place shortly. However, someone needs to held accountable.”

Brewer wouldn’t specify what exactly “held accountable” means, but she did describe what happened in Fast and Furious as “pretty substantial in regards to not supporting American values, American laws and American policy.” At least 34 members of Congress have called for Holder to resign immediately over the scandal.

Brewer is touring to promote her new book, “Scorpions With Breakfast.” She told TheDC the book tells “our story about what is happening in Arizona and how it is affecting America.”

“The crisis is here, and we’d better wake up,” Brewer said. “This is a wake up call, in regards to an arrogant, out-of-control federal government that isn’t enforcing the rule of law.”

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