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Closing arguments are being made in the grisly murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. The case leads us to wonder: how has “reproductive care” come to this – the murder of newborn infants by snipping their spinal cords?

Perhaps the root cause can be found in the widespread glorification of sex. Not sex within marriage, but promiscuity, hook-ups, and pornography (in other words – just plain lust personified.) A culture of licentiousness has convinced people that sex is only about pleasure and should be “consequence-free.”

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Obama and Planned Parenthood

An Honest Laugh

I remember getting a hearty laugh from a woman who was a rather popular liberal talk show host on the subject of sex when I told her, “If you can get the milk for free, why buy the cow?”

“Why buy the cow?” is the refrain today of millions of carnal-minded men who see a woman as the object of his pleasure rather than seeing her as a person with dignity. Such a belief is the product of our Planned Parenthood-inebriated society. And PP will no doubt be tooting its horn through the puppet media in 2016 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the opening of one of society’s most sordid snake pits – the first birth control clinic in the nation. That shameful event took place in New York City at the lead of Margaret Sanger, whose American Birth Control League was later renamed Planned Parenthood as an attempt at image control.

Stay Out of the Bedroom

Sanger justified contraception over the claim that women should have control over when they have children. Huh – when to have children? How about staying out of the bedroom? Try using periods of abstinence – a system whose effectiveness has kept pace with the artificial methods in every era, from the 1930s to the 1950s with the temperature method, to the 1960s with the sympto-thermal method, and forward.

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And yet the very twisted thinking about contraception that was supposed to liberate women has turned women into objects of use. Hmm… contraception. This matter is no longer a “Catholic only” issue. Today, many Christians are questioning what contraception has to do with love, or are wondering if the Bible has anything to say about it. What has been known as the sin of Onan throughout the centuries has been a tool for teaching that masturbation and contraception is wrong. In Genesis 38:9-10, Onan was struck dead by God as a punishment because of his unnatural act by “spilling his seed on the ground” when he had intercourse with his deceased brother’s wife. (The article “The Sin of Onan Revisited” offers a thorough explanation in the light of modern challenges to this teaching.)

Beauty and Meaning

Although Christians differ on this subject, it should not be a matter of contention (or ignored), but a launching point for further discussion, especially in our troubled times when the beauty and meaning of sexuality has been so misconstrued.

Someone once told me that a wise priest once said, “No abortion ever came from an act that did not involve contraception.” It’s also been said that abortion follows contraception as night follows day. That is certainly true, as seen in U.S. Supreme Court decisions allowing the sale of contraceptives and later abortions: judges today continue to quote a so-called “right to privacy.”

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