GOP’s problem is not the message, it is ground organization


For several weeks, politicians and pundits from the beltway to newsrooms have analyzed the results and implications of this historic election. While some make valid points, few have articulated the real reasons why Republicans didn’t fare as well as they hoped. Even fewer have given a direction for what it takes to be successful going forward.

Working on both the Mitt Romney campaign as his national coalitions director and the Rick Santorum campaign as his national campaign manager, perhaps I have a unique perspective. As a coach on the field understands better than an announcer in the booth why his team lost, the same applies in politics.

For the past decade, our country has been in a political flux, with the partisan pendulum swinging sharply from the left to right election after election. Nov. 6 looked to be a culmination of this with Republicans coming off a very successful midterm election in 2010 and a President who remained unpopular.

We were greatly mistaken. As the millions spent on the airwaves by both parties in critical swing states became white noise and each candidate made his own mistakes throughout the race, it is clear that this election was won on the strength of a superior ground operation.

While Republicans became overconfident from their successes in the last midterm, Democrats buckled down immediately and began to identify their voters. To those saying the GOP must water down and moderate its platform, let us remember that not once did those on the political left moderate their policies. Rather, they began by systematically revving up each section of their base.

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Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey (Creative Commons)


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