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It represents pomposity enthroned, veiled by a tarnished veneer of faux elegance, boasting massive salaries and hordes of untaxed, overpaid bureaucrats who apparently get paid by the word for saying nothing –unless they can bash the Catholic Church.


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Pomposity Redux

The liberal universe abounds in intellectual antimatter. The media is no exception.

This week, the L.A. Times breathlessly announced that the upcoming Special Synod on the Family “could herald a new approach by the Church to the sensitive topics” that are so dear to the cultural left: contraception, bigamy (the Times calls it “remarriage”), and, of course, “gay unions.”

Pope Francis has “evolved,” you see, from the “rigid authoritarianism” of his youth. Citing dissenting Catholics, who are indeed numerous these days, the Times heralds the day when Pope Francis will employ his “radical new leadership style” to catch up with “the modern world [that] has left the Church behind.”

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However, the Times is quick to recognize that some “conservative” (read: Catholic!) bishops from backward places like Africa and Asia are likely to disagree; so it urges the pope to “put pressure on bishops inclined to resist.”

The Times hopes –and perhaps even prays! –that Pope Francis will “soften the Church’s official line” (read: abdicate its timeless moral teachings) to please the disaffected hedonists.

After all, the Times speaks for all those “ordinary Catholics who desperately want change.” It is therefore proud to confront boldly “those among their leaders who spurn it.”

I am reminded of a treasured line from Pat Buchanan: “It’s enough to make you throw up your hands –or just throw up.”

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