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More Bilge From Turtle Bay

The secular moralizers at the United Nations are at it again. This time, its “Committee Against Torture” flaunted its swaggering ego by attacking the Catholic Church for its defense of the life on the unborn.

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As Steven Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute, explains, the U.N.’s sanctimonious blather relies on “research” from pro-abortion groups like the “Center for Reproductive Rights.”

Such groups are apt to describe any restrictions on the world’s sexual libido as “torture,” however tortuous their preening prose.

Claudio Grossman, the U.N. committee’s chairman, is a favorite of the ACLU and, Mosher notes, has long championed abortion “rights” and population control. He is a “consultant” to several international organizations (salaries not listed) and was a political appointee at the Organization of American States during the Bill and Hillary Clinton years.

Grossman’s colleague, Vice-Chairman Felice Gaer, comes to the Committee from the American Jewish Committee. At Wellesley, she was a classmate of Hillary Clinton, today the most prominent pro-abortion advocate in the world.

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According to the U.N. website, Gaer is an appointee of the Obama Administration. She has also worked for the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, two of the pioneers in population control efforts worldwide.

Gaer hardly represents a “balance” to Grossman’s extremism: she took time during the hearing to reiterate her long-standing support for abortion, using the usual kakophemism (the opposite of “euphemism”) ­ the “right to choose” ­ to avoid having to mention the real torture involved in every abortion.

One might find it curious that both of these leading U.N. scions of the Culture of Death are Americans, considering that the U.N. has some 200 member states.

On reflection, however, it is no surprise: under the Obama Administration, the U.S. is today the most avidly pro-abortion government in the world.

Curiously, the Rubble can find no mention of any comment from the Torture Committee’s Chinese member, Kening Zhang.

Mr. Zhang’s silence might reflect China’s embarrassment regarding its forced-abortion policy, which according to Chinese government officials has killed between 300 and 500 million Chinese babies since 1979.

Since the Chinese government routinely persecutes, imprisons, and tortures Catholic prelates and laity, as well as Christian faithful from many Protestant denominations, it is possible that Mr. Zhang decided to skip the session altogether.

For all its vaunted language, the U.N. is corrupt when it comes to moral authority. It is hardly “united”; and when it comes to its member “nations,” I am reminded of William F. Buckley’s comment during his term on the U.S. delegation there 40 years ago: perhaps we should refrain from admitting certain countries, he said, “until they stop eating each other.”

How about killing each other?

Are we there yet?

The U.N., the spawn of convicted Soviet Spy Alger Hiss and the dying FDR, would collapse in a heartbeat without the billions in US taxpayer support it receives every year.

Moreover, its primary purpose seems to be providing a stage across which the corruptos, the frauds, and the morally depraved elites can strut and fret, castigating their inferiors and cashing in, big time, on the abundant plunder.

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