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House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan gets it right with his new state-sponsored anti-poverty program. But he’s often a lone GOP voice on issues like these.

And then there’s Obamacare. It’s a wet blanket over business hiring and the economy. And recent polls show that Obamacare is even more unpopular today. But Republicans seem to have dropped the issue. Why aren’t they promising to end the much-disliked mandates?

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Former Sen. Phil Gramm just delivered a great op-ed about the benefits of health-care freedom of choice. “Americans have the right to buy insurance that meets their own needs,” he wrote. But where is the GOP on making health insurance freer and substantially cheaper?

The pro-growth measures are out there. But the Republicans are not unifying around them — at a time when the economy needs it.

Consider this: The Federal Reserve delivered a policy directive last week, which, though not rules-based, clearly indicated that it is close to meeting its targets on inflation and jobs. That means the Fed is going to end QE3 in October and could start to slowly raise interest-rate targets early next year.

So the stock market is starting to discount this. And it is worried.

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I recently moderated a panel including former Obama adviser Larry Summers and former Mitt Romney adviser Glenn Hubbard. And all three of us expected the Fed to raise interest rates sooner  rather than later.

So here’s my question: Where are Republicans in all this? They could play a hugely positive role today if they unveiled and campaigned on a clear economic-growth agenda. Markets want it. And America wants it.

But will they? So far I don’t see it.

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