GOP senator questions whether excessive media contact led to leaks


Sen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.) on Tuesday said members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees are working closely to develop legislation aimed at reducing the incidence of security leaks, and said he has several questions about the contacts Obama administration officials have had with various media outlets, and whether those contacts led to the leaks.

In remarks on the Senate floor, Coats said he takes the administration at its word that these leaks were not intentional, but said the leaks are nontheless “inexcusable” if former or current officials were involved in any way.

“Whether these officials are intentionally leaking classified information is not the main point,” Coats said on the Senate floor. “If they put themselves in situations where they are discussing or confirming classified information, they must also be held accountable.”

A prime example, he said, is the administration’s decision to share information about the bin Laden raid to filmmakers. He said this decision appears to be politically motivated, and said the release of that film before the November election would reinforce this appearance.

“We can be sure that any release before prior to the November presidential election will fuel a firestorm of accusations of political motives,” he said.

Read More at The Hill. By Pete Kasperowicz.


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