Google Inc. said it would change how Internet users in China access its search service after the Chinese government objected to its recent strategy of redirecting them to an uncensored site in Hong Kong and threatened the company with the loss of its license.

Google Sign SC

It’s unclear whether China’s government will approve of the small change to Google’s Chinese site and extend the company’s license to provide online content in China. Google said in a post on its blog late Monday that it had re-submitted its application to renew the license, which expires on Wednesday.

Google’s latest move comes three months after the Internet search giant said it would stop obeying the Chinese government’s requirement to censor search results. It had followed the requirement since the China-based site opened in 2006. Rather than continue to provide the censored search results, Google since March has been automatically redirecting users of, its mainland Chinese address, to a Hong Kong-based site,, which doesn’t censor search results.


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