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Goodbye, America


The America we once knew is gone, replaced by an eviscerated ghost of itself. This specter has become a worshiper of sex, exercising no limit to its approbation or potential approbation for any conceivable consensual sexual antic – men wanting to be women and women wanting to be men, sex among three or more people, sex with children, etc. – all sanctioned, approved and encouraged by new culture custom.  This “liberated” mentality is sans virtue, sans principle, sans truth, and sans God. It is driven by the need to satisfy individual desire; any attempt to draw limits on its efforts prompts responses such as “What’s wrong with sex (say) between two men or two women – after all, it’s only ‘fair’ to allow it?” or “What’s wrong with legalizing and encouraging abortion – after all it’s up to the individual woman to decide?” or “What’s wrong with embryonic stem cell research – after all, it’s only science doing its thing?” or “What’s wrong with acknowledging that each person is his own oracle – each having his own ‘truth’- and that all versions of the truth must be recognized and accepted? (except, perhaps, those dictated by an overreaching government.)”

The traditional answers to these questions are rejected out of hand by the social liberals as “taboos” created by a superstitious and now irrelevant religious influence. Yet, beyond the individual circumstances that characterize each of the new culture’s questions, the driving force that moves them all is the force of “unbinding”, or “un-encumbering” the human psyche of all previous social inhibitions. This social drive toward removing limits is disguised as a push toward more human freedom; yet it ignores the slavery it creates in the process – a slavery that dominates and incapacitates the exercise of free will.

If this drive toward “unbinding” continues, it will eventually lead society into the fully unbounded condition known as …“chaos.”  And so, the ghost of America will have succeeded in destroying even itself.

Photo credit: Roger Smith (Creative Commons)

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