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It’s like Rupert Murdoch says — it’s good for ratings.


This afternoon, FOX News’ Website carried no fewer than three headlines about how it has come under attack from the Obama administration. And it promoted FOX commentator Glenn Beck’s take this evening on the latest turn of the battle between FOX and the White House: administration official Anita Dunn’s words about Obama controlling the media message.

Beck’s own commercial standing has risen since an advertising boycott was initiated, targeting his show’s sponsors after the commentator, appearing on FOX and Friends, called Obama ‘a racist.” And Beck’s throw-weight among his own followers has bulked up since his attacks on Van Jones, a White House environmental adviser, resigned amid the controversy that Beck had stirred by repeating Jones’ words about identifying once with communists.

Now Beck is on Anita Dunn’s case, for telling some high-schoolers that “two of my favorite philosophers” are Mao Zedong and Mother Teresa. Dunn, the White House communications director, also has served up some new fodder for Beck with remarks at a forum in January about how the Obama campaign controlled what media reported.

Beck opened his show this evening panning media reports that Dunn was joking, speaking in ironic terms — and the video of her remarks certainly sound serious.

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Photo Credit: ario_ Creative Commons

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