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Given These Startling Facts, How Can Obama Win?


Disinformation is a potent weapon. It is the basis of every psychological operation in modern warfare. “Psy-ops”, as these disinformation stunts are called, are a collection of the lies told to us every day.

They tell us lies about a “close race” to force us to pay attention to their polls. They show Barack Obama either leading or close behind and sometimes show large 6- (or more) point swings in the absence of any particular triggering event.

Here are the facts about where the largest and most important voting blocs are in relation to 2008 and today.

There is not a single voting bloc of any size that Obama lost in 2008 but is now leading. There are no blocs that he lost and has cut his 2008 margin of defeat; all are still losses, and he is not closing the gap with any of them. There are NO voting blocs, not Blacks (73/26 in Michigan and 76/20 in North Carolina), not Hispanics, not young voters, not even women that he won in 2008 and has increased or matched his winning margin in 2008. There is a voting bloc he won handily in 2008 that he is now losing by a stunning margin.  In 2008, Barack Obama won the Catholic vote with 54%. Today, he can count on exactly half of that as just 27% of Catholics support him.

Moreover, the total registration of African Americans and Hispanics, two of Obama’s most valuable voting blocs, has dropped sharply since 2008. The combined decline from 2008 to 2010 (the latest data available) shows 2 million fewer black and Hispanic voters.

There are now about 16 million blacks registered to vote and 104 million white registered voters. Obama is getting about 38% support from whites and is down to 89% support from blacks.

Obama lost veterans (27% of voters) by 55/45 in 2008. Today, he is down 58/34, and many of the so-called swing states our “friendly” polls survey have sizable veteran populations. The largest group of veterans is over 65, and older Americans not only don’t support Obama; they will vote in large numbers.

The next time you see a “poll” no matter where it comes from, remember these hard tangible numbers. They don’t lie, but those using them might be.

Over-polling Democrats and having to make more and more calls to get the Democrats they do use to answer are factors that must be dug out and are not mentioned in the reports accompanying polls results. Because of disinformation, the sum of the parts only adds up to more than the whole in so-called “honest” polling.

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