Gingrich Tea Party Town Hall Reveals a Surprising Passion


Saturday afternoon just after Herman Cain’s announcement that he had to drop out of the GOP presidential primary field, the Staten Island TEA party held a town hall meeting with Newt Gingrich.

While most “experts” fail to recognize it, Staten Island’s demographics, ( New York City’s only generally Republican area), make its Congressional district (13th CD) quite  representative of many suburban districts across the country.  Staten Island’s presidential election votes are rarely more than a few points off the nationwide final count.

There was high energy in the filled to capacity room as evidenced by the standing ovation Gingrich got when he entered. Discussions with attendees revealed that many were not really interested in looking backwards and were angered at what they perceived as the “here- we- go- again” successful smear attack on Cain. The consensus among the upbeat and excited crowd seemed to be “What happened in the past is in the past; what are your plans for America’s future?”  What Gingrich said was pleasing to their ears.

The passionate love for America Gingrich has, came through over and over again.

He said he would: be the “Paycheck” President to Obama’s “Food Stamp” presidency; follow Obama wherever he campaigned and set the record straight correcting Obama’s distortions; and would govern from moral core principles Obama doesn’t process.

Touting the four consecutive balanced budgets he helped produce as Speaker he explained the secret to his success was being able to reason with the small number of Democrats who are not in the extreme left of their Party. He described FedEx can track packages and that “know how” could work in monitoring the movement of illegal aliens even joking that if we really wanted to find them we should just FedEx them a package.  Master Card, he revealed, has had its offer to teach the federal government how to combat Medicare and Medicaid fraud ignored. A Gingrich Administration, he said would accept help from both of these corporate giants.

Gingrich talked passionately about American exceptionalism and the need to use the Tenth Amendment to return power to the states.

At the close of his remarks Newt got another standing ovation and more than 200 people got on line to get his signature on the Gingrich books they had purchased; many however, just got on line to shake his hand and express their new found passion for his candidacy.

There are reports that some Democrat consultants are “passionate” about wanting to face Newt Gingrich next year. They believe his “baggage” will make him easy to beat. Saturday’s TEA party town hall with Newt Gingrich in bellwether Staten Island did little to support that belief.

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