“Get Used to It,” Replaces Hope and Change


Barack Obama speech 11 SC

Just three short years ago, Barack Obama captured the White House with a winning smile, a distracted media, $750 million dollars, and a “Hope and Change” mantra that mesmerized millions into believing that anything was possible.

We can do it!, YES, we can! and other shallow motivational slogans inspired millions to vote blindly for an unknown entity at a time when the nation and the world needed real, proven leadership and intelligence.

Instead of well-reasoned plans for dealing with an economy in meltdown and other cataclysmic catastrophes, Candidate Obama snookered millions with double-talk and hollow promises which he could not possibly keep.

The fact that folks like Harry Reid and Joe Biden were among the snookered says a lot about the current state of affairs in American politics, and even more about the dismal state of doings in the once proud Democrat Party.Expecting mainstream liberal media to do anything but heap unwarranted praise on a extreme leftist running for the presidency was par for the course. Naively, some expected the sophisticated to be more probing; all were bitterly disappointed.

Back in the day when the name Obama caused thrills to run up and down the legs of Democrat operatives posing as objective journalists, there was a universal, yet myopic, view that one’s mortgage and car payments would be beaten into submission by the newly arrived Messiah from Illinois, Hawaii, Kenya, or wherever the hell he was from.

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