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The bodies of the victims of the Colorado cinema shooting weren’t even cold yet before the anti-gun nuts started ranting about stricter gun laws. They were led by Emperor Michael Bloomberg, slayer of oversized Big Gulps, obscene popcorn movie buckets, sodium in any form, and an all-around busybody! Never mind the fact that the shooter is probably a certifiable psycho, the evil guns killed people again. I’m sure that almost all legitimate gun owners run around in black, tactical suits wearing bulletproof vests, carrying at least two handguns, a semi-automatic rifle, and tear gas grenades. You just never know when you might have to flush someone out of hiding so that you can kill them in cold blood!

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How ignorant can you be, Mr. Mayor? Are you saying that if a New York Police Officer shoots someone by mistake, that all the officers should turn in their guns and just use their nightsticks to maintain order? I’m sure they would be willing to go along with that directive! How about your bodyguards surrendering their firearms Mr. Mayor, or are only you elites entitled to personal protection? The same goes for your Hollywood buddies. Let’s disarm your bodyguards and see how comfortable you really feel out there in the mass of fans who love you!

Where were you, Mr. Bloomberg, when Federal Border Agent Brian Terry was shot and killed by a gun that was supplied by our government and its botched Fast & Furious operation? I don’t remember you yelling about the President and the Attorney General’s failure to turn over documents to Congress that would have held someone responsible for that action. I don’t recall any of your fellow Hollywood Progressives demanding to know the truth about what happened, even though hundreds of Mexicans were killed by the same weapons.

You know why we have mentally ill persons living on our streets and under our bridges, Mr. Bloomberg? It’s because about forty years ago, you Progressives went to the Supreme Court and convinced those “wise” people that confining these mentally ill persons in a psychiatric hospital was a violation of their liberties! So the states closed almost all of their mental hospitals, gave their patients a bottle of pills, and turned them loose on society. Saying all that, you have the audacity to claim it’s the gun’s fault.

It is funny because I own guns, and they have never expressed the desire to me to go for a walk by themselves. They never told me that they wanted to go out and shoot somebody just so they could watch them die. I’ve never seen them mad at anyone. They are tools, morons, just like hammers. You can go to Ace Hardware and buy a hammer to either construct something or bash someone’s brains in. The choice belongs to the person who holds that hammer in their hand. For good, or evil, it is the human being who makes the decision of how they will use that tool.

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Let me ask you a question, Mr. Mayor (and all your Hollywood heroes.) If society broke down into major chaos, how are you going to protect yourselves from looters, thieves, rapists, and good old fashion Neanderthals? The cops may be able to protect you elitists, but they do it at the expense of the ordinary citizen. I will NOT allow my family to be harmed by anyone. I don’t believe that I’m alone in that belief, either. I am willing to bet that all you anti-gun people would be scrambling to either find a weapon or hire someone who knows how to use one to protect you and your loved ones should society break down.

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