George Soros’ Money Could Tip Elections in All 50 States


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A little-noticed story in The Washington Times last week should scare the heck out of real Americans. George Soros, whose name should now be pretty familiar to most conservatives, is involved in a far-Left scheme to elect Secretaries of State, gaining control of each state’s election machinery and thus, be in a position to influence the outcome of local, state, and national elections.

As many have learned, Soros is an unrepentant, apparently sociopathic fascist, who got his training from the Nazis during WWII, confiscating the property of fellow Jews who had been shipped off to the death camps. He is the man who made billions manipulating currencies and wrecking the Malaysian and British economies. Soros is a major source of money behind a number of radical leftist outfits, like MoveOn.org, the Center for American Progress, the now-defunct but reorganizing ACORN, Apollo Alliance, the National Council of La Raza, the Tides Foundation, The Huffington Post, Southern Poverty Law Center, Sojourners, People for the American Way, Planned Parenthood, and the National Organization for Women. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and has participated in the Bilderberg Group.

The group in question here is the Secretaries of State Project (SSOP), formed in 2006, supposedly to “to stop Republicans from ‘manipulating’ election results.” Over the years, it has become clear that when the Left accuses conservatives or Republicans of something, it is a sleight of hand move to cover up the fact that it is the very thing it is doing.

They have been far too successful with this strategy, having won 11 of 18 elections, including Nevada, Minnesota, and Ohio. All three states have had recent elections where fraud was obvious, or highly likely. In Nevada, Sharron Angle was slightly ahead of Harry Reid in the polls just before the election, but was defeated by an impossibly large margin, most likely, from the votes of illegal aliens. Al Franken kept “finding” uncounted ballots that, miraculously, were all for him, and accepted by the Secretary of State. In Ohio, voter fraud was described as “massive” yet and dismissed by the Secretary of State. Nothing to see here, folks. Let’s just move along, now.

SSOP is anything but a grassroots organization representing the working class. The Times reports, along with billionaire Soros, its donors include:

furniture company heir John R. Hunting; computer company executive Paul Rudd; medical-supply firm heiress Pat Stryker; venture capitalist Nicholas Hanauer; ex-Clinton administration official Rob Stein; Tides Foundation founder Drummond Pike; real estate developer Robert Bowditch; charitable foundation co-chairman Scott Wallace; clothing executive Susie Tompkins Buell; real estate developer Albert Dwoskin; child psychologist Gail Furman; and Taco Bell heir Rob McKay.

All of them are members of Democracy Alliance.

But wait. These are the Super Rich. Many have inherited their wealth. How can they be “progressives?”

Could it be that “progressive” is a euphemism for “fascist?”

These enemies of freedom are extremely well funded and have been working at systematically undermining our election system for at least five years, while we have trustingly slept. The Republican leadership seems to have been competently unaware of all this. Until The Washington Times article, I had never heard of SSOP, nor knew how successful they have been. I hope the Republican leadership was as ignorant as I. If they were not, and knew all of this, then their negligence in informing the party rank-and-file suggests complicity verging on the criminal.

We are way behind in getting where we need to be to ensure that the 2012 election is not completely stolen by the inventors of election fraud. The Tea Parties are our best, and perhaps only, hope to play organizational catch-up. States with Democratic Secretaries of State need to have Tea Party committees that demand and get election monitoring and oversight abilities as soon as possible. In addition, every state that has a Secretary of State who oversees elections needs to make placing a conservative in this office its top priority. Great candidates for the other offices cannot win if the elections are open to manipulation or question.

We are no longer the America that could point a righteous, accusing finger at the phony elections of banana republics, and communist and fascist dictatorships. That all changed with Democrat Lyndon Johnson and his incredibly corrupt Great Society welfare state. The once anti-communist labor unions who have been the base of the Democrat political machine, are now, like Marxist Obama-Soetoro’s personal favorite, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), openly pro-communist. Corruption and fraud rule on the Left.

We must act swiftly, fearlessly, and decisively. To hesitate is to be lost.

cvrcak1 (Creative Commons)

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