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We aren’t supposed to have a “ruling class” in the United States. Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution states, “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States.” Although members of the House and Senate may consider themselves aristocrats, and are often sneeringly referred to as such, they aren’t so in reality. This is because they could be removed en mass by the electorate whenever it conjures the good sense to do so. (Hold not thy breath.)

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No guillotines, no pitchforks, just voters summoning the gumption to turn out the self-serving blackguards in favor of merely potential blackguards who themselves might be turned out before they tended to be corrupted absolutely.

So, complain though we might, we have a remedy at hand –elections– bequeathed by the founders, designed to prevent Congress from becoming a de facto nobility for whom the laws of the land do not apply, and protecting us from any whom the United States might wish to pronounce so noble as to deserve a title of nobility and its attendant privileges. The problem is not really Congress, therefore. Rather, we have met the enemy, and he is us. Failure to elect statesmen rather than pork-dispensing nest featherers is our own fault; we still possess the power to keep a new nobility from arising in our midst. Or do we?

What of the Super Citizens? As dangerous as the Congress and its bureaucracies have become vis a vis our liberties and treasure, the Super Citizens make Congress look like pikers. The Super Citizens have accrued rights, powers, and privileges Congressmen only dream of for themselves (but often confer to Super Citizens.)

Super Citizens have been granted the right to kill unborn children. I don’t have that right; do you? Super citizens have been granted the right to dominate our energy policy, whimsically preventing oil companies from drilling for oil in certain places, preventing construction projects from going forward because of a puddle formed on private property where insects might chose to lay eggs, preventing schools from inculcating the religious values of the taxpayers that support them and whose children attend them, etc.

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Super Citizens dictate where one may smoke a cigar or consume sugar or salt. They dictate what may be printed on a candy bar wrapper, that unions shall have rights that other businesses do not, and who may carry a weapon and where. So many more instances could be multiplied here that, well, you get the picture.

None of these things were possible until classes of Super Citizens were granted the rights and privileges, if not the titles, of nobility. In many cases, Congress was the grantor; in some cases, it was courts and bureaucracies that waved their wands and made new classes of men ex nihilo. There are many Super Citizens afoot now who rule us, whether we realize it or not. Super Citizens are a new nobility based not on family lineage but on adherence to certain newly privileged ideologies.

Perhaps the most dangerous Super Citizens yet have now come to the fore demanding the right to redefine marriage and the family. They don’t announce that as their goal of course. They say they just want “marriage equality,” i.e. the right to marry someone of the same sex. But this is not equality; it is the right to redefine marriage and the family, a right that I don’t have, nor do you. So how can their attainment of such a right make them equal? It won’t; it would make them Super Citizens.

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