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Can such moral views have practical effects? The Pew Research Center recently found that 88 percent of Americans believe that married people having an outside affair is morally wrong. In a Daily Beast article, Jay Michaelson estimates that three-fourths of gay relationships are not monogamous, and supports the idea that this reality will ultimately transform straight marriage into acceptance of multiple partner relationships. Almost unanimous support from mainstream media and cultural elites recently changed public opinion on gay marriage overnight. Does it matter whether married people cheat on spouses? After 10 more years of elite cultural support for gay marriage, what would a new Pew poll on adultery show?

Michaelson is correct that gay marriage does not only involve the couple affected, but has wide social implications. Indeed, if one considers adultery and serial monogamy to be non-monogamous, straight marriage is already on the edge. It is difficult to imagine what could change present dynamics. Returning to the idea that marriage is a sacred pledge between one man and one woman before one’s Creator is out of the question, right?

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