Gates-Gate: Morning Shows Exclude Non-African-American Guests


By Mark Finkelstein,



The networks might just as well have hung out a sign this morning: non-African-American experts on policing and racial profiling need not apply.  Good Morning America, the Early Show and Today had a total of six guests on the subject . . . and every one was African-American.

Among the highlights: a writer from Tina Brown’s Daily Beast suggested that given our incarceration rate, the USA meets the definition of a “police state.”

On Good Morning America ABC reporter Pierre Thomas narrated an entirely one-sided segment in which three African-Americans recounted stories of mistreatment at the hands of the police.

Sports columnist Stephen A. Smith said the first thing that goes through the mind of blacks dealing with police is that they suspect racial profiling.  Cut to video of civil rights demonstrators being fire-hosed by police, followed by a graphic indicating black males are incarcerated at seven times the rate of white males.  No indication if this is disproportionate to the number of crimes committed.

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