FTC Plans to Study Journalism’s Woes — and That’s a Problem


The Federal Trade Commission is scheduling public workshops on the media — two full days to examine the problems of journalism. Please permit me to be subtle: What a DUMB idea!!! This is the Federal Trade Commission we’re talking about.

The New York Times reports the sessions, scheduled for December, are designed to “play a facilitating and public education role in gathering together various disciplines and perspectives to talk about the crisis in mainstream journalism.”

Hey, FTC: Butt out. The industry is crawling with academics and other navel-gazers always at the ready to whine about the “crisis.” That’s what we do. We don’t need the government sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong — into a free press, as in First Amendment free. Free from government interference. That’s one of our bedrock principles. Remember?

Read More: By Bob Franken, Politics Daily


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