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Fretting and hiding under a desk won’t stop voter fraud; fighting back will


Those who are convinced Obama will win because of voter fraud need read no further. This information is not for you. Those who want to merely concede the election because “After all ‘they will use voter fraud and steal the election” can stop reading.

Voter fraud is a serious concern, but not one that can’t be defeated. Groups like True The Vote are working with local law enforcement and winning victories over voter fraud.

To help combat voter fraud the first thing to do is STOP saying we will lose because of voter fraud. That helps our enemies dampen our will, it plays into their hands and it need not true if we work hard to defeat fraud.

If you want to combat voter fraud work hard and generate a lead of more than 4% for our candidates. Overcoming a lead of more than 3% with voter fraud is extremely difficult and still more difficult when good citizens shine the light of truth on these rats. Remember in 2000 Democrats in Miami were stopped when they tried to “count votes” in a private room. That simple victory may very well have saved the presidency.

Make problems for voter fraudsters by writing letters and showing up when asked to do so. The problems voter fraudsters have are greater than many people realize. First there has to be an organization to coordinate it. When you see suspicious groups “organizing” in your area speak out and don’t stop until others join you and the threat is neutralized. Sunlight is the best disinfectant when you are combating voter fraud.

Fraudsters need people who are smart enough to be helpful to a conspiracy but not smart enough to realize they will probably go to prison if they are caught in many states. This is a major problem for them to overcome.

Remember fraudsters need to operate in districts where cheating can make a difference. There will likely be no voter fraud in Massachusetts or South Carolina. Illinois will be a locale for voter fraud and it should be watched, but with so many things running against Obama in general; honest hard work can hold the fraud down in Illinois and other voter fraud hot spots like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Volunteers willing to get up to speed on what to look for and how to report fraud can be very useful in combating the Left’s favorite tactic.

Fretting and hand wringing won’t stop Democrat voter fraud. Getting involved in coordinated efforts to combat it will. Working to see that Obama’s opponent gets a lead bigger than 4% will neutralize voter fraud, but that will only happen with hard work from patriotic Americans.

If you can possibly attend True The Votes summit on voter fraud in Houston on April 27 and 28th please do.

The speakers come from all points on the political spectrum. The roster includes Artur Davis a former Democrat Congressman who decided to speak out about voter frauds he was personally asked to help fund.

Another speaker will be James O’Keefe the leader in undercover anti voter fraud counterattacks. They will be joined by many other nationally known anti voter fraud warriors.

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