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“Fox News joins the Pro-Homosexual Media Bandwagon” – so says Peter LaBarbera in a 40,000-word expose that flaunts over 220 footnotes. (Read the full report here: Unfair, Unbalanced, and Afraid).

While Sean Hannity chooses silence and John Stossel chooses passive acceptance, rising star Megyn Kelly plays trans-gender advocate for Chaz Bono, then drops the “hate card” on the psychiatrist who disagrees.

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Bernie Goldberg pushes “Jesus is just alright with” gays, then implies that the Biblical heroes David and Jonathan were homosexual as were Ruth and Naomi. Sean Hannity? – Still mum.

Bill O’Reilly bashes an ex-gay; Elizabeth Hasselbeck calls pope’s opposition to “gay marriage” “inhumane.” Stossel? – Still indifferent.

Shep Smith graces the annual report of “Out” magazine’s 50 Most Powerful Homosexuals (he does have dreamy eyes), Fox News Channel fronts tens of thousands of dollars for a Gay and Lesbian Journalists group, and Chris Wallace probes Ron Paul’s homophobia. Stossel? He’s down with gay and thinks polygamy is just groovy. Five out of five of “The Five” agree with the “evolved” Obama on same-sex marriage; Fox hires “out” lesbian, liberal Sally Kohn – and I think Hannity just blinked. Do your eyes deceive you? This must be about MSNBC; Fox News is the conservative network, right?

The part that really kicked me in the pants was the Pew Research Study that confirmed that Fox News had a pro “gay marriage” bias and that even liberal NPR was more “Fair and Balanced” on the issue than was Fox.

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“Conservatives of all stripes had high hopes for Fox News to offset the overwhelming liberal bias of the dominant ‘mainstream’ media networks,” writes LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH;, a Chicago-based organization dedicated to exposing and opposing the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) activist movement.

If LaBarbera is anything, he is fair as he is thorough! His report asks some critical questions:

  • Is Sean Hannity afraid of the “gay issue”?
  • Is Shepard Smith the next Anderson Cooper?
  • Is Megyn Kelly the new hero to the gay lobby?
  • Where is John Stossel, the champion of liberty, on the biggest threat to religious liberty in American history?
  • Why is Fox News subsidizing a “gay” journalists association?
  • Why does Fox humanize one side of the debate while marginalizing and demonizing the other?
  • Why is Fox so averse to having a “fair and balanced” debate with a real “pro-family” conservative as a counterpoint?

“But Fox mimicking current trends in the Republican Party with which it is often identified,” LaBarbera continues, “– has increasingly adopted a libertarian brand of ‘conservatism’ that eschews or downplays social issues, especially homosexuality, as too ‘divisive.’ Thus Fox News’ coverage – including conservative advocacy programs like the ‘Sean Hannity Show’– has in recent years tended to downplay homosexual-related issues.” “(This is at odds with Ronald Reagan, who advocated social conservatism as one of the three legs of the conservative stool – the others being fiscal responsibility and a strong defense and foreign policy.)”

When a “news” organization decides what stories they will share and which to shelve, they are committing censorship by omission. In contrast to MSNBC’s more overt “in the bag” gayhem, the majority of Fox hosts just pretend the issue doesn’t exist.

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