Fox New’s Fair and Balanced does more harm than good


Absolutely every Fox Anchor invites both Liberals and Conservatives on to their show, at the same time. The initial concept for doing so might have been a great idea at one time. However,  that unfortunately no longer seems to be the case. A number of Fox hosts like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, Megan Kelly, and many others have become household names, and millions of American’s tune in to view their shows or to listen to them on the radio religiously, day after day.

Fox News is known for stating that they provide the news and we decide. That approach, once again, unfortunately no longer works. What it does do is give both sides and opportunity to voice their grievances and to present their respective positions. The reality is that the Democrats really have no viable position to present, and the information that they do provide through the guests that are invited to speak on their shows tends  in most cases to be both inaccurate as well as misleading. I can’t tell you how many times both of their guests try to out shout each other and speak at the same time stressing their own individual point of view.

At the end of these useless interactions, Fox News does not provide and additional information, nor does Fox take a position on the issues discussed. Once again, they leave it up to us, their viewers, to decide. If anyone spends time to watch “The Five” (which according to the media has broken many records based on it’s popularity), has anyone ever heard Bob Beckel or Alan Colmes ever say anything positive towards the Republicans, or to be on the conservative side on any position ever?

The answer is absolutely no. They both along with Juan Williams never have anything good to say about any conservative position, irrespective of how Barry “O” goes around dismantling our Constitution or implementing insane programs (like Obama-Care that waste billions of tax payers dollars). Those three individuals will always defend Barry “O”. The question that I have to ask is: How is this “Fair and Balanced” when we conservatives always know the outcome of their position on any and all matters that support any conservative position?

Juan Williams should kiss the ground that the CEO of Fox News walks on. Rupert Murdock picked Williams up off the street after he was fired from NPR. By doing so, he has allowed Williams to continue to wear his expensive suits and pick up his big pay checks instead of collecting unemployment insurance. Fox News should never have done that to help William’s the way that they did because William’s has no loyalty to anyone, other than to his Democratic Party and to Barry “O”.

I believe that the tide is beginning to turn against Fox News, since they are no longer perceived by many as the “Fair and Balanced” impartial news media outlet that once brought them much fame. Fox News, I believe, must take a stand and either support one party or the other. They can no longer continue to remain (or appear to remain) as being in the middle of the road.

The big question is what side of the street will they chose to travel on, the left or the right? I suspect that we will all soon see.

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