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Obama has given us a glimpse of his next term as President with how he has acted after the defeat of the Democrats in the congressional election of 2010.  His actions through the past three and one half years have become more confrontational and downright pugilistic with congress the courts and anyone who disagrees with him.  He does not even attempt any legislative initiatives through congress, he rules by edict through executive orders and regulation of federal agencies.  If Obama is re-elected, does anyone really think all of a sudden he will change his nature? Like the leopard that cannot change his spots, he cannot as well.  The danger that we all face is his winning re-election. Whether his supporters realize this or not, it will be a referendum on his “acts” and “actions” as president during his first four years.  It will in essence be the “enabling act” of our generation for the election of our first Dictator.

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Many of our citizens, thanks to the dummying-down of the education system, do not know that Adolf Hitler was democratically elected, and his being made a dictator was through an act of their legislature. Would it be any different here?

Congress has stood by while he has appointed secretaries and federal agency personnel without the consent of the Senate, and they did nothing.  Congress again stood by while Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, and himself engaged in an illegal operation to send arms across an international border to arm narco-terrorists, and caused the deaths of countless Mexican and United States citizens. An act of War, and they do nothing.   Congress has not intervened when Obama unilaterally amended the nation’s immigrations laws by implementing the “Dream Act” without any vote of congress by a sweep of his pen; it has not even merited a symbolic act of condemnation from them.

Congress has stood by while Obama claimed “executive privilege” just prior to congress having a meaningless vote against Eric Holder for “Contempt of Congress,” which is only a symbolic gesture that has no teeth, at least with this Congress!

The headline for the article referenced above from the New York Times for executive privilege is telling in itself as the deaths of hundreds of Mexican Nationals is somehow “partisan,” and the fault of the Republicans for bringing up this illegal operation in an election year. All of this is forecasting the demise of our Republic when a nationally known newspaper slants a story where the innocent deaths of hundreds of another nation’s citizens is framed as a political stunt; we are definitely sliding downhill fast, at hypersonic speed.

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Does anyone really believe that Obama will wake-up the morning after the election and say, “I really need to consult congress on my legislative initiatives for the next four years” if he is re-elected? What this next election is really about is the creation of a dynasty for the amassing of dictatorial powers already usurped into the office of President, as shown by illegal actions he has already taken from the other two branches of our government.  Why should Obama think any differently, when Congress has failed to challenge him on any real issues of consequence?  They stood by when he shut down oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, even after he ignores two court orders issued by a Federal Judge.

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