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Watch: This Former NFL Player Just Explained Why Obama And Democrats Are Black People’s Worst Enemies

“African American communities throughout the country are..."


Former NFL Linebacker Garry Cobb, who played a combined 11 seasons for the Lions, Eagles, and Cowboys, is now setting his sights on more than just quarterbacks.  He’s eyeing the candidacy of a U.S. Congressional district in New Jersey.

He told Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg that he grew up poor and was a Democrat until he realized that the party was destroying black families.

“We started out poor… As a kid I can remember eating mayonnaise sandwiches, ketchup sandwiches and drinking sugar water, but we were able to go out and do better than our parents and that’s what my parents dreamed of.”

Cobb, 57, spoke about Democrat Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs, but said that they had an opposite effect than originally planned.

“In order to get on the program (LBJ’s eliminate poverty program), the man had to leave the home,” Cobb said. “It destroyed African-American families throughout this country.”

“I was all into the Democratic Party and everything and then I started realizing they helped destroy our communities and we’re celebrating electing these people,” Cobb said, noting that he volunteers his time helping underprivileged youth in Camden, New Jersey.

“African American communities throughout the country are doing horribly under Democratic-run cities and that’s why I want to put an end to it,” Cobb said.

Cobb went on to add that President Obama is doing nothing to alleviate this problem and is actually heightening it.

“Obama hasn’t really done anything for the African American community,” said Cobb. “Look at Chicago.”


Photo Credit: MSNBC


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