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Faithful readers of this column know that I am attempting to launch the Liberty Church Project. This is a project designed to help me (and the team that I have formed) travel across the country helping ministers and laymen alike establish fresh, new liberty churches–or, in some cases, helping pastors resurrect the patriot pulpit in existing churches. I am literally inundated with requests for such assistance.

The good news is that we are about sixty-percent toward achieving the financial goal we need to launch the project. And the enthusiasm is high among the thousands of people who are praying that this project becomes a reality. Here is an example of what I mean:

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A man I will only identify by his initials sent a large donation to the Liberty Church Project. Here is his letter:

“Hello Pastor Chuck,

“As a tradition-minded businessman who achieved earthly success using the concept of ‘Operation Bootstraps,’ I know what struggle is all about.

“The Liberty Church Project is the way to go for all of the reasons you cite. So, don’t roll over if the troops are slow to act. Keep hammering. It will work.

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“Enclosed is enough for two shares ($10,000). Now go embarrass your flock with this and tell them they must pony up…$1,000, $3,000, etc. You will get it.

“Tell them they can’t take it with them. Leave a legacy!”


So, I’m using this wonderful man’s injunction: “Leave a legacy!” Our country is imploding, and the vast majority of our pastors and churches are oblivious to the authority and power that they wield to do something about it. We could wake up any morning and find that all of that fiat money we have in the bank is next to worthless. How long will God withhold final judgment upon this nation? How long will He wait for His shepherds to awaken from their slumber? I wonder how many pastors in what became Nazi Germany wished to God they had listened to Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Niemoeller.

America is following in the steps of Nazi Germany, and America’s pastors and churches are mimicking the “national” pastors and churches of Germany by willingly subjecting their congregations (and their very souls) to an idolatrous submission to Caesar.

If you share my burden to see resurrected patriot pulpits and liberty churches across America, I am asking for your help. I cannot launch this project without sufficient funding. I have a team of people standing by to help me; hundreds of people across the country are already soliciting our assistance, but I still need $40,000 to launch the Liberty Church Project.

Think of it: if only 8 people would give $5,000, the goal would be met. Or, if 20 people would give $2,000, the goal would be met. You get the idea. If only a few people will take D.G.’s challenge and “pony up,” the need would be quickly met; and we could launch the project.

If you are writing a check or money order, the postal address is:

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