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ForgeryGate: From Bennett to Bauer…and Back Again!



The following letter was sent to every Secretary of State in the nation as a follow-up to the August 29, 2012, Larry Klayman Letter to Robert Bauer, the General Counsel to the Democratic National Convention.  Each Secretary of State in all fifty states, along with the Attorney General in each State, the State Democratic Party Chair in each state, the members of the Democratic National Committee itself, and the members of the Commission on Presidential Debates were all sent copies of Mr. Klayman’s Letter via Return-Receipt-Requested Mail.

Similar letters to the one reprinted below were sent to each of the above groups by regular mail as well.  The letters to each of the recipient groups were individualized to reflect the specific responsibility of each. Three of the other four letters can be read here.

It will, of course, be said even by many who are in full agreement with our premise that the current Commander-in-Chief  fraudulently obtained his office that the continuing effort to remove him is in vain.  That may well be the case, but it is our duty, nonetheless, to raise the voice of warning to both our fellow citizens and to those elected and appointed officials who have sworn an oath to “support and defend the Constitution…against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

What they will choose to do about it may well be beyond our control as individual citizens, but it is nonetheless imperative that we warn each of those responsible that they will be held responsible before an earthly, as well as a heavenly, tribunal…so help us God! It will be the sad tale of the vast majority of elected Republicans, at both the State and National level (certainly here in my own state of Arizona – without a single exception of which I am aware, even among mere candidates for office at this point), and so-called “Conservative” commentators across the land, that they did nothing to stand against this clear and present danger to not only the United States of America but to the rest of the free world!

And why have they not dared to raise their voices in support of the Constitution and the Rule of Law? Because, in the words of the feckless young Editor at Large of Breitbart.com, Ben Shapiro, “it’s an issue on which people are being marginalized very easily and very quickly at this point.”  So that, my fellow Americans, is what this generation of “Conservative” “leaders” has come to?  While our founders unhesitatingly pledged their “lives…fortunes…and sacred honor” to the cause of freedom, those to whom they ostensibly bequeathed their legacy are now afraid of being “marginalized” – “very easily and very quickly at this point”?

May I simply remind all of them – both elected and unelected government officials and self-proclaimed “spokesmen” for the “Right” – of what Deitrich Bonhoffer so eloquently observed:

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.

I will also remind us all of the timeless words of one of our nation’s greatest patriots, Patrick Henry.  Because his final proclamation is emblazoned upon the mind of every school child in America (or was at one time, at least), I will refer only to its prelude:

I know not what course others may take….

Nor do we, but as for ourselves, we must each stand for the truth…if we are the only one left on Earth to do so!  And the truth, will no doubt “make [us] free”!

[What each of us can do – and should do – is email our own Secretary of State and Attorney General (get contact info for each here) and demand that he or she not honor a falsified Certificate of Nomination from the State Democratic Party – thereby keeping the uncertified candidate (Barack Obama) off of the ballot!  In Arizona, Secretary of State Ken Bennett’s email is:  kbennett@azsos.gov.  A number of us have already begun writing to him.  In short order, he will be inundated with this once more…and he thought he had “washed his hands” of it!  Not so fast, Ken!  There’s that “thing” about your sworn oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help [you] God”…and we’ll be watching, Ken!]



22347 E. Calle de Flores,

Queen Creek, AZ 85142


September 5, 2012

The Honorable Ken Bennett

1700 W. Washington Street

Capitol Executive Tower, 7th Floor

Phoenix, AZ 85007


Dear  Secretary of State Bennett :


We, the undersigned, are writing to inform you and your fellow Secretaries of State in all fifty states (along with their respective Attorneys General) of important developments that may have an impact on your role as Secretary of State.  You, along with the others referenced above, recently received via registered mail a letter from Attorney Larry Klayman to Bob Bauer, the attorney for the Democratic National Committee, or DNC, dated August 29, 2012.  In the letter, Mr. Klayman represents that Hawaii registrar Alvin Onaka’s official “verification” to Arizona Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, is indicative that the Hawaii birth certificate for Barack Obama is not legally valid.


As the public official responsible for administering election ballots in your state, you are the final authority in certifying the eligibility of each candidate whose name is placed on any official state ballot.  As you know, any ineligible candidate who illegally seeks to be placed on the state’s ballot, at a minimum commits both perjury and election fraud, and is prosecutable under state and federal law.


In light of the legal facts and analysis presented in the above-referenced letter from Attorney Klayman, we ask that you, along with the state Attorney General, inform the officers of both the DNC and your state Democratic Party that the rule of law is taken seriously in your state and that they may be subject to prosecution if they commit perjury and fraud against the people of the state, as well as the U.S. Constitution.


We also ask that in your role as the chief elections officer in your state you do not allow to be placed on the ballot in your state any candidate, based on a certification that is known to be perjurious (see attached letter), as doing so may itself be judged to be misprision of perjury and election fraud, and may be subject to prosecution.


Thank you for your diligent attention to these timely and critical matters, in order to preserve the sanctity of the ballot in your state – as well as the nation – and in enforcing the rule of law.




Tom Ballantyne – Author/Activist/Citizen Journalist


Terrence Lakin, DO, MPH – Author and Former Lieutenant-Colonel, U.S. Army


/s/ COL Lawrence Sellin, U.S. Army Special Forces (Ret.)

/s/ CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr., U.S. Navy (Ret.)

/s/ Gary Wilmott – Radio Broadcaster/Activist/Citizen Journalist


Tom Ballantyne is the author of three previous books.  His  last one, Oh Really, O’Reilly!, recently updated and re-released, is a biting but frolicking expose of the Establishment Media (Left and Right) and its unmitigated complicity in the biggest scandal in American History!

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Dr. Jerome Corsi – Author of Where’s The Birth Certificate?

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