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(Author’s Note: Judging from the 244 Facebook “Likes” and 52 Tweets in just four days, the original article might be judged by some a huge success. The previous “Open Letter to Glenn Beck” received just 264 “Likes” and 53 Tweets in twelve days, and was the fourth most popular post on the site the week it came out. There were, however, perhaps a dozen criticisms of its “cogency,” etc. Having re-read it in the interim, I had to agree that this wasn’t my “finest hour,” so I have taken out the editing pen and scalpel and done a bit of body sculpting. The following is the result. I hope all who commented previously will chime in. My thanks to each of them. Meanwhile, my intent has been to expose the untenable and adamant refusal on the part of “what’s left of” to even look at the multitudinous evidence and proof produced by Sheriff Arpaio and his Cold-Case Posse. To the vast majority of Americans who still care more for truth than for political correctness, this betrayal of trust has indeed been breathtaking!

Perhaps too much imagery – the “lemming-like frenzy” of entranced intellectuals, fleeing the focused light of truth in the aftermath of the Arpaio investigation – isn’t necessary, after all. Perhaps the simple facts will do….)

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Indeed, last Saturday, Ben [Shapiro, Editor-at-Large of], you and I shared the air waves emanating from Bryan, College Station, TX, for a brief moment, unbeknownst to you. We were each guests of the indomitable Mark Gillar, host of the Tea Party Power Hour, broadcasting regularly via the Internet. We were not on together, but unequally yoked, in sequential
interviews… which is why you don’t know me.

You are no doubt familiar, Ben, with the idea that “You’re only as good as your last game!” but having entered college at such an early age (16), you may not have had much time for sports. To continue the analogy, however, in today’s culture, it is probably even truer to say that “you’re only as good as your last play!”

And when it comes to the timeless concepts of honesty and integrity, ironically, they too are current events. One can’t be fearless in the pursuit and declaration of truth one day, then cavalierly abandon the same the next…and reasonably expect to remain both trustworthy and trusted. It doesn’t work that way, Ben…in sports or in life.

As we must all learn at some point, there are moments in our lives which, while seeming small in the unfolding – oft times unnoticed – become pivotal in the events and circumstances that sometimes thunderously follow. We refer to these as defining moments…and this, for you, may have been such a one; but it didn’t start with, nor can it be blamed on, the question you
were asked, nor on the person who asked it.

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You had no doubt considered the question some time earlier, Ben, and had apparently decided how you would answer…or, at least, rationalize and dismiss it. It would appear that you made your decision by hoisting one damp index finger skyward, in the direction of, perhaps, Media Matters (I’m just guessing….) and made your peace. At the same time, however, you were raising your middle finger in defiance – not to the elites whom your organization and its one-time fearless founder routinely dispatched on his/its way to the top, but to the decided majority of your faithful and well-read audience…and they were stunned!

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