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ForgeryGate: An Open Letter to My Republican Senator, Jon Kyl (AZ)


(Fourth Most “Conservative” Member of the U.S. Senate)

From An Unimpressed Tea Party Activist

T. M. Ballantyne, Jr.

3 April 2012

Dear Jon,

If it weren’t for the unique spelling or your name, this could be mistaken for the traditional break-up letter (except for the fact, ironically, that we are both “traditional” males).  In order for one to end a “relationship,” however, it would first be necessary that there be one – which in this case there most certainly has not been….

You see, Jon, while I have the utmost confidence that you are an upstanding citizen and a decent person (and have probably been one throughout most of your life),  I am not familiar with your life narrative…which segues nicely into my reason for writing. But first to the point of your presumed decency or proclivity for deference, Senator.  When you were a young man that was certainly a trait to be admired – and it is still, I believe, the best first response.  When one realizes, however, that we are no longer dealing with a group or an individual who simply has a bit more of a “working-man’s” (or blue-collar) perspective on politics, but rather a group of people who are actively seeking to “fundamentally transform” this nation into a “workers’ paradise” (and Fundamentalist Marxist State), the time for nicities vanishes…or at least it should, Jon!  We are at war…and we will either remain free or, as promised, be “transformed” into something that most Americans, including this one, will never accept!

You recently took the time to send a personal – although I’m sure it was, in the end, a form – letter to a friend of mine, Gabe Zolna, in response to his inquiry regarding what you planned to do about the bullet-proof Arpaio Investigation results.  It just so happened that he showed me your letter as we were leaving to go to the Arpaio Press Conference in Sun City West, this past Saturday, March 31, 2012.  We were saddened (but not surprised), to find you – or any of the AZ Congressional delegation – not in attendance.

You can watch the entire event here, Senator, if you are curious to know what the most widely recognized Sheriff in the nation, serving the most heavily populated County in your state for the past twenty years has been doing (without the taxpayers’ money.)  Here’s what you (or someone on your staff) wrote to refresh your memory:


As a political writer and author, I have become somewhat adept at locking in on revealing words and phrases, Jon, so when I spotted the word “preliminary” joined with “results” in the first line of your letter, I thought I was on to something. Turns out I wasn’t too far off base, as in the second sentence you stressed that the good Sheriff had “stressed” the “preliminary nature of these findings.”  How did I know you were stressing the point, Jon?  Wasn’t that hard…. You said that he had “stressed” it!

You went on to stress that “more investigation might be warranted.”  So, those not so versed in the language of the elite may not have recognized what had just happened, but it was clear to those of us more seasoned in such things (including my friend Gabe whom you were presuming to inform), that what you had just done was to state in no uncertain terms that so far there was “nothing to see.”  If I’m wrong about this,  I’m sure you will come out with a much more forceful declaration to the contrary in the near future.  Am I right, Jon?

I am happy to report, however, that in spite of the overwhelming exculpatory evidence – make that irrefutable proof, Jon – that not only is the birth certificate an obvious forgery, but so is the Selective Service Registration Card of the Commander in Chief of the entire U.S. Armed Forces!  So, Jon, you apparently spent enough time reviewing the evidence to at least notice one of the two clearly forged documents proven to be so by the Sheriff’s Cold Case Posse. You and I are no longer in school, Jon, but if we were, that achievement would have earned either one of us a dismal failing grade…but I digress.

You may call me picky, Jon. But we are talking about a man whose entire past, from Kindergarten through three different prestigious colleges has been sequestered. However, there is the one exception of his registration card from the Fransiskus Assisi school, a Catholic institution, which plainly shows him to be a boy named Barry Soetoro whose religion was “Muslim” and whose citizenship was “Indonesian”…but again, I digress.  And lest we forget, we also have a sworn affidavit that he attended college as a foreign student.  That, no doubt, made it difficult (or at least awkward) to register for the draft here in the U.S. about that same time.

So, Jon, my earlier point was that in the absence of a single validating document, when an official law-enforcement investigation shows not one but two key legal documents to be patent forgeries, I (we) would expect you, as a sitting Senator for nearly eighteen years (and Congressman for eight years prior to that) to zero in on such a stunning revelation!

Do you know a single elected official – or have you ever known one in your entire twenty-six year career in Congress, Jon – who can claim either of those distinctions?  Nor can I, Sir, and yet the man who currently holds the most powerful position in the known world holds both distinctions-after the release of only the “preliminary” findings! Don’t know if you were aware of the fact, Jon, but the Social Security Number that he is using is also provably false – i.e., not his, as proven by our very own E-Verify…but that too is no big deal, right, Jon?

Like yourself, Jon, I have much to do, so I will cut this letter short by thanking you for two other bits of information which you so graciously provided us.  First, and yes, we were most “interested to know” the fact that “the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health” had “attested on multiple occasions to the validity of the state’s records indicating that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.”

Seriously, Jon, who knew?  Would that be Chiyome Fukino, the Director under then-Republican-Governor Linda Lingle? Or current Governor Neil Abercrombie’s first Director, Neal Palafox, appointed on December 18, 2010, and stepping down on January 26, 2011, some five and a half weeks later? Or the reigning Ms. Loretta Fuddy, his willing replacement, who has steadfastly fought in court a subpoena compelling her to allow examination of the original birth record – a virtual image of which is purportedly posted on the White House website for all the world to see?  Who would do such a thing, Jon…and why?  I wonder!

I wasn’t sure to whom you were referring, Jon, as most of us are fairly clueless on this obviously insignificant Constitutional question.  I say “insignificant,” as surely the Republican-“led” House would have investigated by now were this even remotely relevant to, say, national defense or our relationship with terrorist and non-terrorist states in the Middle East. We could also discuss the alleged “criminal investigation” of Mr. Palofax, but it turns out that he was unaware that he was being investigated at the time of his “resignation” anyway, so what would be the point?  I don’t suppose it had anything to do with his unwillingness to go along with Governor Abercrombie’s now famous – and rather brief – “investigation,” would it, Jon?  One can never be too certain these days….

Finally, Jon, you were also kind enough to inform us that the State of Hawaii’s “vital records office” has already provided us with a “certified copy of the president’s original certificate of live birth.”  Again, who knew?  Not being from Arizona, but having recently arrived here from the backwoods of Tennessee, I wasn’t sure if folks in this neck of the woods were familiar with the no-doubt-Southern expression about “the fox guarding the hen house.” But I’m pretty sure that if you look that up in Jeff Foxworthy’s Dictionary of the Deep-South, you’ll find a picture of Director Fuddy of the Hawaii Department of Health (along with the Hawaii Governor’s Office, the Department of Hawaiian Homelands, the Hawaii Attorney General’s Office, the Hawaii State Elections Commission, the Democratically-Controlled “Vexatious” Legislature, and the Democratic Party of Hawaii), all for purposes of illustration. And it must be acknowledged that you were even kind enough to include a link (not to the Deep-South Dictionary but to the HI DOH)!

That was real thoughtful of you, Jon.  I’m not sure the President’s own people could have done a more thorough job of explaining all of this, so that speaks highly of the job you are doing in representing them… I mean, us, the citizens of Arizona!

So thank you for that compelling – and fresh – information, Jon, and I hope you’ll find time to check out the obviously-preliminary findings of Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo’s Cold Case Posse Investigation. Just don’t expect to find links to Media Matters or FactCheck.org, as informative as those fair and balanced “news” organs are! If you read my book, however, you’ll learn a fair piece about the network that used to go by that mantra.  These days, of course, it seems they might just as well be called “The most trusted name in news!”



Tom Ballantyne  – An Alert and Awakened American!

P.S.  Jon, I failed to thank you for going so far as to inform us that the Supreme Court had refused to hear any of the multiple cases (18 or more) brought by both individual citizens and at least one actual presidential candidate.  Perhaps you are familiar with what Abraham Lincoln had to say about the Supreme Court, and its relationship to the People. Here it is, Jon:


“If the policy of government, upon vital questions, affecting the whole people, is to be irrevocably fixed by the decisions of the Supreme Court…the people will have ceased to be their own rulers.”

Tom Ballantyne – Author of Oh Really, O’Reilly!  

(Available at https://www.createspace.com/3673914)




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