About Floyd Brown

Floyd Brown is a political innovator, writer and speaker.

His latest book, Obama Enemies List: How Barack Obama Intimidated America and Stole the Electionwas released in January 2013.

Time magazine wrote: “Brown has a stature among devoted conservatives that almost matches his physical heft (6 ft. 6 in. and 240 lbs.)”.

Floyd serves as president of the Western Center for Journalism, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to informing and equipping Americans who love freedom. The WCJ also trains “citizen journalists” to become effective online advocates for freedom.

A successful investor and economist by training, Floyd writes and broadcasts at CapitolHillDaily.com where he serves as Chief Political Analyst.

Floyd has written for publications as diverse as the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Times, Townhall.com and WND.com.

Media campaigns organized by Floyd have been studied for their effectiveness. These include the 1988 campaign of Americans for Bush during which he produced the “Willie Horton ad” and a TV campaign in support of the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

From 2001 until 2006, he served as the executive director of Young America’s Foundation which saved Rancho del Cielo, Ronald Reagan’s Ranch. As executive director Floyd oversaw the preservation of the historic ranch home and the fundraising for the 20 million dollar Reagan Ranch Center in downtown Santa Barbara, California.

From 1988 until 2006, Floyd was the founding chairman of Citizens United. The organization, under his leadership, grew to be the largest conservative citizen advocacy group in America. They launched the movement that led to the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

He has appeared on many network and cable TV shows including: The O’Reilly Factor, the CBS Evening News, ABC’s Primetime, NBC’s Today Show, FOX News, CNN, MSNBC and more. From 1995 until 2000 he hosted his own talk radio show on Seattle’s KVI 570 AM.

He has traveled coast to coast speaking at venues including Dartmouth, University of Pennsylvania, Notre Dame, University of Miami and the University of Wisconsin. He has been a regular speaker at CPAC, Western CPAC, FreedomFest and many Republican events and Lincoln Day dinners.

Floyd’s topics include: “Ronald Reagan: His Faith Changed the World”, “How To Blog for Influence and Income”, “Romans 13: Obey God or Government?” and “How To Protect Your Prosperity in The Face of Government Malfeasance.”

Floyd has been a consultant to many political campaigns including the Bush, Dole and Forbes for President Campaigns. He managed the Dole for President Campaign in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota and Nebraska in 1988.

Floyd started his career in President Ronald Reagan’s campaigns and as a political appointee in Reagan’s administration. As Executive Director of the US International Youth Year Commission he spent two years representing the youth of America for President Reagan at international meetings. He credits President Reagan’s 1976 campaign, in which he served as a student volunteer, for sparking his interest in public service.