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Florida’s Treasure Coast Says, Impeach Obama!


As thousands of Floridians headed back to work from their Labor Day vacation, their newspaper greeted them with a call for Barack Obama’s impeachment and removal from office. On Tuesday, September 6, Gerald Freitas of Sebastian, Florida, wrote a letter to the editor of the TC Palm, serving Treasure Coast, Florida, and surrounding communities. Freitas stated that President Obama had dishonored the United States, and he in turn deserves the dishonor of impeachment.

Thank you for sending in you letters to the editor and op-eds calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama. In recent days, the former commissioner or Eagle County, Colorado — Dick Gustafson — wrote an article in a Colorado publication demanding impeachment. A former resident of Connecticut wrote a letter to his hometown newspaper exposing Obama’s dictatorial tendencies. Here is the most recent addition to this growing canon of letter:

Obama has disgraced country; therefore he should be impeached
Gerald Freitas
Sebastian, Florida

To impeach means to bring dishonor to a person. President Bill Clinton was brought to trial, but a partisan vote turned it down. President Richard Nixon’s trial was being set up, but he avoided it by resigning. Both presidents were dishonored by evidence.

President Barack Obama has in just more than two years: spent trillions of dollars and helped put America in a financial mess, rammed through a health-care bill despite some congressmen saying they never had a chance to read it all, apologized to foreign countries about America, and notified our enemies when our troops will retreat.

If these are not enough for impeachment, there is more. Through the guise of “executive order” Obama has involved America in a rebel uprising in Libya, changed other rules and made Congress feel needless by not allowing it to approve or disapprove of these moves.

Most of Obama’s decisions are made to get him re-elected no matter the harm to America or its people. Illegal immigrants are allowed to go free, and our borders are not being protected.

If all these moves are not enough for impeachment — remember, he is not finished yet. This letter is in answer to Vincent Martin’s (Aug. 24 letter) who thinks someone else is to blame for these decisions. Obama should be impeached.

Patriotic Americans, who believe in the nation established by our Founding Fathers, need to spread this information to as many people as they can. For more information on how you can spread the word, see our post, Impeaching Obama:What You Can Do.

Others who believe in holding this administration accountable have sent letters and articles to newspapers in Ohio, California, Florida, Illinois, Virginia, Colorado, and Kansas. If you have had an impeachment letter published in the media, send me a copy.

Thanks to your activism, we will have many more of these in the days to come. Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell — hear our voice or feel our fury!

Click here to learn more about the Impeach Obama Campaign. Click here to sign the Impeach Obama petition.


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