According to Freedom Works, a staggering fifty thousand Americans have joined Rand Paul’s class action lawsuit against Barack Obama, demanding that his NSA stop gathering phone metadata on literally trillions of phone calls.

But Rand Paul’s lawsuit only scratches the surface of what Obama’s out-of-control NSA is doing all in the name of supposedly keeping us safe. According to the thousand of pages of top secret information released by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, Obama is gathering literally everything that passes over the Internet: Emails. Facebook posts. Travel records.  Credit card transactions. Bank records. Websites visited. Your Google searches are even being gathered!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg on what they’re collecting! This doesn’t include what is called active data collection.

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The NSA can remotely turn on Americans’ computer webcams and smart phones and stream live video and audio in real time!

With federal government bureaucrats being caught again and again watching porn on their computers, privacy advocates have wondered whether NSA spies are turning on webcams to watch women undress or possibly even NSA pedophiles getting their thrills watching our children!

As each day passes, however, Edward Snowden’s revelations seem to get worse and worse: On February 24, 2014, Snowden released a series of slides that revealed that not only was the NSA spying on Americans, turning on their webcams and smart phones, and gathering their phone calls and emails–but the NSA routinely goes after Americans to destroy their reputations! Several slides detail these “false flag” operations. This includes sending a fake email in your name, posting false information on a website about you—even leaking your confidential information!

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