FBI issues virus warning for Android phone users


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), specifically their Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), has issued a warning to users of smartphones running Google’s Android operating system concerning “new” viruses which have become increasingly widespread.

However, at least one of these viruses is far from new. Indeed, one of the two viruses identified by the FBI is one which is marketed to governments. This is hardly surprising given the rise in state-sponsored malicious software.

FinFisher, for instance, was uncovered by the Wall Street Journal and revealed to be a product which is marketed directly to governments around the world, especially the United States government.

“Once loaded onto your phone, FinFisher can remotely control and monitor your phone, no matter where you are,” according to WXYZ Detroit. “This virus is transmitted through what seems to be a system update, sent through a [text-message] or a web link.”
The other piece of malware is Loozfon, which is designed to steal the contact information from a device infected with the virus.

Interestingly however, much of this information is already collected by Google’s Android operating system. This data they collect can be used in any and every way they see fit thanks to their modified privacy policy.

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