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FBI Fuels Ideas About Conspiracy


Tamerlan Tsarnaev

It’s hard to think that there are those in our government who would have innocent lives sacrificed in order to further an agenda that only they know about.  This type of thinking is called conspiracy thinking and is looked down upon by those on the left and the right side of our political landscape.  However, some things just make you wonder.

Our FBI was warned by the Russian government in 2011 that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older brother of the two Boston Marathon bombers, was a potential threat and that our government should look into his activities.  We hear from news sources that the FBI looked into this man and in the end found nothing that raised their eyebrows about his activities. This is almost unbelievable considering that less than two years later he his a terrorist killing innocent bystanders at a major sporting event.

As the media independent research on the affiliations of these two brothers reveal more and more ties to Al Qaeda, those who believe that our government has plans to keep us terrorized for their own ends continue to gain ammunition for their beliefs!  Most people in this country fear the government intrusion that will ensue if they try to cheat on their taxes and with good reason.

The IRS has a history of foul dealings with our citizenry based on bad information or worse – no information.  How much more would we fear the prying eyes of the FBI, the foremost investigative agency in the world if we had ties to radical Muslim operations because radical Islam is responsible for much of the terror in the world today.

Yet, our FBI is warned by a nation that is less than friendly with us, that one of their own has raised their suspicions about his political intentions in our country, has known Muslim connections and that we should be concerned about him, yet somehow, he escapes being put on a list that all police agencies have access to.

Imagine doing a web search today for how to make a pressure-cooker bomb, or how to make ricin.  You would expect the FBI at your door within hours.  So we should expect that when the FBI is given valid information about possible political activism from a person who is originally from Russia, has traveled back to Russia and now has Russia concerned, that they would take extra precautions in tracking this individual.  But it didn’t happen.  Before you pass judgement on those who believe in a government conspiracy against its own citizens, you should look at the evidence for it with an open mind.

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