Family ties bind analyst to NBC’s Zucker


Sanford Bernstein analyst Michael Nathanson has been quite bullish in research notes and press reports about NBC Universal’s competitive position against its peers — but he hasn’t disclosed lately that his brother-in-law is NBCU boss Jeff Zucker.

Nathanson was quoted twice last week — in a Sanford Bernstein colleague’s research report and in a New York Times article — talking up the virtues of NBCU without disclosing his family ties.

In a recent research report on Comcast written by colleague Craig Moffett, Nathanson said, “NBCU’s portfolio of channels is likely somewhat underpriced relative to peers, which could provide additional support for solid price increases during negotiations.”

In a March 1 Times story about the troubles facing network news, Nathanson is quoted as saying about NBCU’s rivals ABC and CBS: “Long term, it’s going to get harder for these guys to exist as they are currently constructed, with the exception of NBC because it can offload the costs on MSNBC.”

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