Fairness Doctrine ‘unconstitutional’ says Clarence Thomas


By Joe Kovacs, World Net Daily


Clarence Thomas SCFor the first time, a U.S. Supreme Court justice is offering some legal insight about the so-called Fairness Doctrine, suggesting the off-the-books policy could be declared unconstitutional if it’s revived and brought before the bench.

In written discussion on yesterday’s ruling cracking down on indecent language on television, Justice Clarence Thomas called the policy “problematic” and a “deep intrusion into the First Amendment rights of broadcasters.”

The doctrine requiring broadcasters to air opposing viewpoints on controversial issues was brought to an end in the 1980s under the direction of President Ronald Reagan’s Federal Communications Commission.

There has been widespread fear, though, the policy could be resurrected during the term of President Barack Obama.

The Pacific Justice Institute, a California-based legal group specializing in the defense of religious freedom  and other civil liberties, is calling the remarks by Thomas “very significant.”


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