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Fact or Fiction: The Key Question for Easter


Photo credit: Fr. Stephen, MSC (Creative Commons)

This is the most important weekend in Christendom. Easter Sunday is the most important day of the year for Christians.

Christians believe Christ was crucified, died, and was buried. Christians believe Christ endured the agonies of our sins to take upon himself the burdens of every human. Christians believe on the third day he rose from the dead.

The core of Christianity is fact based faith.

Did Christ live?

Christians believe he is an historic figure who clearly lived and was seen and heard by many thousands of people.

Was Christ killed? Did he return from the dead?

Christians believe there is every evidence that the crucifixion took place. Every testimony of the eye witnesses who became Christian affirms that Christ was crucified, that he rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven.

If these facts are true then Christianity is true.

If Christianity is true then salvation is achieved through faith in Jesus Christ who died for our sins so we could be saved and go to Heaven through faith in him.

Easter is exactly the right time to assess the growing threats to Christianity.

Christianity today is under siege on two fronts. On one front is growing secular tyranny which violates the first commandment and seeks to place human wishes and human desires ahead of God. On the other front is an irreconcilable wing of Islam which is seeking to drive Christianity out of every country it dominates. (More than half the Iraqi Christians have fled, more than 50,000 Egyptian Christians have fled in recent weeks, and churches have been burned in Pakistan and Malaysia).

Sunday, ask yourself some simple questions.

  1. Do you believe that on Easter the Son of God rose from the dead?
  2. Do you believe you can be saved through faith in Christ?
  3. Do you believe God loves you?

If you answer yes, ask yourself, can you achieve salvation through faith in the Son of God?

If you answer yes again ask yourself, isn’t it time to stand up to the growing secular tyranny and irreconcilable wing of Islam which seek to destroy the very religion which offers hope and salvation to us and all of humanity?

It really is that simple and Easter is the day to think about it.

The time has come to remember the First Commandment brought down by Moses and reaffirmed by Christ :”Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

The next time Christians hear the smooth arguments and seductive reasoning of the radical secularists simply remember the road to salvation and the first rule on that road.

Photo credit: Fr. Stephen, MSC (Creative Commons)

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