Fact-Check This, Associated Press!


By Jack Cashill, American Thinker

Barack Obama 9 SC

“I think Obama’s in a league with TR,” observes historian and presidential biographer Douglas Brinkley. “He created his political reputation through the written word.”

To be sure, no one has ever accused Sarah Palin, a defeated vice presidential candidate, of creating her reputation thusly. One has to wonder, then, why her book, Going Rogue, would merit a fact-check by no fewer than eleven Associated Press reporters when neither the AP nor any other mainstream outlet has spent a moment vetting the books of the “author in chief,” as President Barack Obama was anointed in a November GQ article, “Barack Obama’s Work in Progress” by Tom Draper.

In an observant piece called the Road to Bali, blogger Tom Maguire addresses the implicit media balance. He does so by calling attention to just one relevant question that the media might have profitably asked our president: did you take new bride Michelle to Bali with you in 1993?

In the course of asking that question, not terribly significant in and of itself, Maguire sheds light on a more substantive question: why have the media paid so little attention to how Barack Obama came to write the book that would make his reputation — his acclaimed 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father?

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